Simple Green tree python (baby) Setup

Neonate (baby) green tree python setup

This is a simple neonate green tree python setup where I used to keep my green tree python babies.
It is made out of PVC. For substrate I am using paper towels. Because I wanted to monitor exactly what temperature was on each tub I had a thermometer probe in each tub.

neonate setup
It is a 2 tub system with a Microclimate thermostat and each tub is heated by 2 heat mats on the sides of the box.
green tree python setup
green tree python baby setup
tub heating
As you can see in the picture the probe from the thermostat is on the back of the box and the heat mats are on the sides of the box.
Plastic tub
Adhesive zip tie clips
I am using 2 perches in each tub and a water bowl.