“DRACUL” CSJO 16-05 X “LEANA” LWDC 16-03

Here is one of our long awaited pairings from “Dracul” CSJO 16-05 x “Leana” LWDC 1603 bred at Fierce Worms UK on a joint pairing with GREEN TREE PYTHON guy.  The genetics involved in this pairing are somewhat outstanding and go back 7 generations to which we have full documented lineage.

The sire of this clutch, Dracul, is of blueline origin and is from the pairing of “Serac” CS2011 x “Lagertha” JO 10-01 that was bred at The Barn USA. 
Look through the full lineage and you will also see he has genetics from the famous Bluebird and Grasshopper.

Serac is from the amazing pairing of “Crazy” TM/BG 2002 x “Lucy” BG 2001

Lagertha is from a Highland type import x KT-7-20 KT Blue & Black.

The Dam, Leana, is from the outstanding pairing of Vinny x Drip bred by Luke Woolfendon at Woolfboids.

Vinny was bred at Signal Herp from an import male x ID 06009 dam.  06009 came from the pairing of Joe Vinsky IMP Blue x O.S HY dam. Drip was a stunning textbook WC Manokwari. 

Without doubt these Neo`s have some of the most sort after genetics you could want in any collection. 

Follicular Growth: 21/10/21
Ovulation: 18/11/21
Pre-lay shed: 12/12/21
Eggs: 30/12/21 – total of 16 eggs, only 12 good eggs