A Green Tree Python podcast dedicated to the captive and reproductive husbandry of Green Tree Pythons done by Justin Smith at The ChondroCast

Please join GTPKeeper Radio as we welcome Ken Diehl and John Irby to talk chondros.

Please join GTPKeeper Radio on Sunday January 13th at 9PM EST as we welcome Marcial Mendez and Gary Schiavino to discuss dealing with common problems and ailments that keepers of this species should be able to identify and manage such as prolapses, stubborn feeders, RI’s and much more.

Please join GTPKeeper Radio as we welcome Dan Mulleary to talk about his encounters with Chondros in their natural habitat, plus a few other topics.

Please join the hosts of GTPKeeper Radio as we welcome a longtime member of the Chondro Community Pedro Caixinha to our show. In this episode we will talk to Pedro about the keeping and breeding chondros in Europe and the amazing animals he is currently keeping in his collection.

Please join the hosts of GTPKeeper Radio as we welcome Justin Julander along with Pia and Cody Bartolini as we discuss Nidovirus. Justin Julander is a renowed reptile keeper and breeder who owns Australian Addiction, has co authored 3 books and is a research scientist working in the field of microbiology. Pia and Cody are known for their passion for the reptile industry and for advancing the hobby’s working knowledge of Nidovirus.

Please join GTPKeeper Radio on Sunday November 12th at 9pm EST as we welcome novice Chondro Keeper Evan Browder and veteran Chondro Keeper and Breeder Jason Stevens of Colorado Chondros to discuss topics that are pertinent to those who are new to the chondro keeping world. Topics will include animal selection and husbandy requirements.

Please join GTPKeeper Radio as we welcome Harlin Wall as we discuss how the posts, likes and tweets have affected the chondro community, both good and bad.

Please join Buddy Buscemi and special guest host Owen Mcintyre and Eric Burke as welcome veteran herpteculturist Cody and Pia Bartolini along with Pathologist Susan Fogelson as we discuss Nidovirus and chondros. You don’t want to miss this episode.

In this episode we are joined by Buddy Buscemi, Bill Stegall, Harlin Wall, Ian Bessell and Nick Helble. We will be discussing Nutrition, supplements, UV and some other outside the box topics. This is going to be an episode that makes you think and try to take chondro keeping to the next level.

Please join the GTPKeeper Radio hosts Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi as we welcome David Dee and Rich Culver to the show to discuss Blue Chondros.

Please join the hosts of GTPkeeper Radio as we welcome chondro heads Jon Irby, Joe Janovitz & Marc Huffman to discuss keeping and breeding chondros.

Please join GTPKeeper Radio as members of the chondro community gather to remember one the most influential chondro breeders of our time, Rico Walder. Bill & Buddy will be joined by Gary Shiavino, Marcial Mendez, Julie Morelian, Chuck Vogel, John Romano. Michael Flemal & Aaron Florian as they share their favorite Rico memories.

Please join GTPKeeper Radio on Sunday July 10th at 9pm EDT as we welcome Vita Cernoch, Marcial Mendez & David Brahms as we talk about artiifical incubation, incubators, husbandry gadgets, and of course keeping chondros.

Please join GTPKeeper Radio as we welcome the voice of Morelia Python Radio – Owen McIntyre on the show from our corporate headquaters to talk about CarpetFest and Chondros. Also joining us will be Matt Morris and Alexis Marie to provide a recap of the Southern CarpetFest and keeping chondros. It should be a fun and entertaining show!

Please join GTPKeeper Radio on Sunday, January 31st at 9pm EST as we welcome longtime chondro head Tim Morris to talk Blue Chondro history including the most famous Blue Chondro……Mr.Blue.

Please join Bill Stegall and special guest co-host Eric Burke as we welcome Dr. Bradley Waffa DVM to the show. Brad is not only a veterinarian , but has first hand knowledge with keeping and breeding chondros in his private collection.

Please join the co-hosts Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi as we welcome the U.K. Chondro keeping crew to discuss husbandry, breeding, the chondro market and their prespective of the U.S. chondro keeping scene.

Please join the hosts, Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi, as we welcome Chuck Vogel, Gary Schiavino, and Brian Fischer on Sunday June 14th at 9 pm EDT to chat about their locality breeding projects. We will discuss the importance of maintaining pure localities, along with their short term and long term goals with these gorgeous chondros.We will also explore their methods for keeping and breeding chondros as well as the MVF, the impact of social media, and the small number of chondro breeders at national caliber shows.

Please join Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi as we welcome Robyn Saunders, Kim Burge and Melanie Bernal to GTPKeeper Radio on March 15th 2015. All three of these women are long time chondro keeper/breeders who will be sharing their knowledge on keeping and breeding Green Pythons.

Please join the hosts Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi of GTPkeeper Radio on February 1st at 9pm EST as we welcome Ryan Young of Molecular Reptiles as he explains his approach to keeping and breeding chondros. Ryan’s diverse python collection includes some of the best Aru type chondros in the U.S., and we will discuss his current and future plans with this project (and possibly other python breeding projects). Ryan recently returned from a trip to Australia and we will chat about herping in Australia. Once again we will be firing up the chat room on the MVF (Morelia Viridis Forum), and may take questions for Ryan directly from the chat session.

The Chondro Legend Series continues with Greg Schroeder on December 28th at 9pm EST. For those that don’t know Greg owns, moderates and maintains The MVF (Morelia Viridis Forum), the internet’s premeire chondro forum. This forum has been going strong for almost 12 years, is the local gathering space for chondro heads in the U.S., and has the most trusted chondro classifieds in the world. Please join us as Greg talks chondro husbandry and all things MVF. We may even co-ordinate an online chat session with MVF users during the broadcast.

The chondro breeding season is either underway, or will soon be under way for a majority of chondros keepers in the Northern Hemisphere. GTPkeeper Radio welcomes Dr. Benson Morrill from Australian Addiction Reptiles for our breeding season episode. Dr. Morrill is well known in the Morelia community as the author of the Reproductive Physiology and Advanced Management section of The Complete Carpet Python book. Please join us as we discuss parameters used for determining a chondro’s readiness to enter a breeding program, cycling, the stages of follicular growth and how they affect your female chondro, male reproductive physiology, differentiating late stage follicle growth from ovulation and egg physiology.

The Chondro Legend series continues in July as Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi welcome Greg Maxwell to GTPKeeper Radio. Greg Maxwell’s books “The Complete Chondro” and “The More Complete Chondro” ; his website Fine Green Tree Pythons, and his forum board, The Chondro Forums, enlightened and encouraged an entirely new generation of would be chondro keepers, gave a voice to veteran chondro breeders and a place for chondro geeks to call home as we chatted and swapped photos of these spectacular creatures. We will be talking to Greg about all aspects of chondro history, the Calico lIne of chondros, husbandry, cage building and if there are any plans for “The More Complete Chondro II”.

Green Tree Python pioneer Trooper Walsh joins Buddy Buscemi and Bill Stegall for this episode of GTPKeeper Radio. We will talk with Trooper about the history of chondro breeding in the U.S., pedigrees, record keeping, quarantine, red neonates, his long and storied career at The National Zoological Park in D.C., and maybe a tale or two about Komodo Dragons.

Daniel Natusch – A biologist who from an early age has been learning about and studying arboreal pythons inhabiting the forests of northern Australia and New Guinea. He has worked specifically on the ecology and trade of Morelia viridis, Morelia spilota and Morelia kinghorni, and is undertaking postgraduate studies on these and other python species in Australasia.

Please join the co-hosts, Buddy Buscemi and Bill Stegall, for the inaugural show. We will be joined by Dr. Heather Bowles D.V.M. as we discuss the two of the most prominent medical issues of Green Tree Pythons – Respiratory Infections and Prolapses. We will explore the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for Respiratory Infections and Prolapses.

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